PC Master Race Destroys Nintendo Gamers Online at Jedi Academy

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So I was browsing Google earlier today and noticed an interesting article pop up on my Google feed. This article, published via Nintendo Life, a great site mind you, is titled, “PC Jedi Knights Are Destroying Star Wars Players On Nintendo Switch.” It intrigued me right away as I always found the idea of cross-platform multiplayer fascinating.

The game in question here happens to be Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Somehow PC were able to use IP addresses to enter Switch matches online.

After I clicked on the article and started reading it, my hope of an unbiased account of cross-platform online multiplayer mayhem showing just how dedicated PC gamers are to online gaming was soon was thwarted. Instead of wishing for an unbiased account on the difference of competition across devices, what we got was an article trying to blame PC gamers, aka The Master Race as we are known (and keep in mind I have a Nintendo Wii and 3DS, so I am a multi-platform gamer anyway) for cheating or having some and unfair advantage.

Instead of the author admitting how dedicated PC gamers are to online gaming and honing their skills at multiplayer matches on almost any popular shooter (and some other genres as well) that is popular and has been out more than a month. Keep in mind that I am a gamer who grew up during the original Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena days of the late nighties and early noughties. classics like Quake3Arena’s particularly with its RocketArena 3 mod, were even more competitive than pretty much any modern shooter.

I argue the solution is not for Nintendo gamers and Switch owners to just play in a closed-off garden of gaming, but embrace the challenge and practice, practice and practice some more until they can actually compete. It is not as if this of experienced gamers destroying newbies is anything new. If are a PC gamer you are probably used to this.

Unless you purchase your games on day one hen every other gamer playing online matches is also new, you will enter a very competitive and hostile landscape — that is until you get good. This particularly relates to first-person shooters (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS) PC titles, which I have experience with. Try playing a game like Starcraft 2 or ultra hardcore FPS titles like Red Orchestra 2 today and you may not last more than 10 seconds Every time you spawn during your entire first day playing it.

The thing to keep in mind and I know this from experience, is how dedicated PC gamers are. I remember playing a game of Age of Empires 2 for like three hours where I thought I had the game won and three-fourths of the map donquered 45 minutes into the match. My opponent just never gave in until I just gave up hunting every one of his unite down and chasing him around the map. I recall either calculating or us agreeing to end the match drawing it even. Keep in mind that this was back on Microsoft’s online gaming platform The Gaming Zone.

I also recall playing against Starcraftbplayers in the original game online where they would single-handedly take out two if three opponents. This was a time when I first discovered online gaming and before consoles like the afreamcwst started to even offer it in any meaningful way (early examples on say the Super Nintendo also existed, but I did not know of such technologies as a kid or had access to such endeavors).

Anyway, that is my rantr regarding the topic of The Master Race dominating Nintendo gamers. I hope more such cross-platform titles start appearing as they will humble console, particularly Switch owners, gamers into realizing that not everything, especially pure skill and dedication, can be brushed aside as ”cheating.” Yes, a keyboard and more can be for some games, but not always. Some prefer or are better at dual-analog controls.

A competitive light saber dueler from the third person perspective (guns are drawn in first person perspective if I recall correctly as it has been some yewrw since I played the game) like Jedi Academy should be just as accessible via the Switch controls as a mouse and keyboard. So this is not a valid reason for the PC master Race being so dominant during online matches. The game has been round for years now (since 2003) and PC gamers honed their craft at it. That is the real Reason here for their dominance and not cheating.

I think that this is just a small taste of what Switch owners would get if true cross-platform online gaming was opened up with no barriers.

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