There are a lot of things to be desired and faults with the mobile apps. I use my iPad all the time to try writing stories and pasting say parwgraphs I have either written on my blog or a word professor earlier and it only lets me sometime paste one paragraph at a time or comes with too many spaces in-between. I also have not figured out a way to add an image caption on my iPad and the mobile app, but can easily on desktop.

Also, I have not figured out how you cant ext wrap images from mobile but easily can on desktop. The list goes on. This is why I think it will take some time more for the iPad to truly replace the computer (despitebrecenr advancements like mouse support) and even be recommended for students. I have covered it a bit here (Medium is just one example or companies nott aking it as seriously as desktop):

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I am a tech journalist and an aspiring artist-graphic designer. My sites include and

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